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Sewage Cleanup

Sewage backup and overflow problems are definitely nothing to be ignored, since a sewage spill in your home is not only unpleasant, but can be actively dangerous to your health. Sewage brings with it all kinds of harmful pathogens, fungi, bacteria, parasites, etc, not to mention urine and feces. The mess that is left behind can be considerable, and something that should only be handled by a qualified, competent restoration provider.

Water damage is bad enough, but sewage takes it to a completely new level, since any surface or item that comes into contact with the sewage will need to be considered contaminated. They will need major cleaning, disinfecting, and sanitizing, sometimes more than once, before they can be considered clean. This goes for even small sewage spills, which will still require the attention of a professional to ensure proper remediation.

At 1-800 Water Damage Seattle, we are here to make certain that your sewage cleanup needs are taken care of in a prompt and courteous manner. Our team will remove the dirty water, dry everything out, and then properly treat the affected surfaces to make certain that there are no lingering threats that could come back to haunt you later. As much as we want to go to work for you, we only want you to have to call us once! We stand behind all the work we do with a comprehensive guarantee, so you will know the job was done right.

Sewage backup is almost always the end result of a malfunctioning toilet or sewage backflow valve failure. Like “normal” water damage, sewage can find its way into every nook and cranny of the home, making it extraordinarily difficult to clean up and remedy. May surfaces in the home are porous, which means that some of these dangerous agents may remain hidden even after multiple cleanings, and of course that leads to the threat of additional health hazards. Proper cleaning of surfaces and items that can be cleaned, and proper disposal of those that cannot be cleaned, that is the only way to ensure that the sewage cleanup process was performed correctly. In almost every case, the easier and more affordable option is to have the items replaced.

Sewage cleanup and removal is always a job that is best left to the professionals, the pros at 1-800 Water Damage Seattle. The cleanup and restoration process involves a number of steps that must be taken in the correct order to ensure a quality job and restore your home or business to its original glory. We handle all aspects of your sewage cleanup project from beginning to end, with the latest in restoration equipment and procedures that allow us to complete the job in as efficient and timely manner as possible. With same day emergency service available in most cases, we can be onsite within an hour of your call, ready to begin the process ad get your life back to normal. We are the leading authority for all things related to water damage, including sewage removal and remediation.

We commit to treat every each and every job with the same level of enthusiasm and attention to detail that you would expect for your single largest monetary investment….your home. This means total commitment on our part, and the result is a quality job that you can feel good about.

Water and flood damage requires immediate attention, unless of course you are fond of additional damage and ever increasing repair bills. That’s why 1-800 Water Damage Seattle is available and on call 24/7/365, in order to respond to your water damage restoration needs as quickly as possible to avoid any of those these unpleasant scenarios. The faster we can get to work removing the sewage and drying out your property, it is much less likely that you will have to deal with long term problems like mold or mildew. Our team has the training, equipment, and procedures necessary to remove the sewage, dry out the damaged area, and restore your home to its pre loss condition. We provide top flight customer service and all work is backed by a full guarantee. Call today at 1-800-928-3732 for a free estimate at and let us get to work for you!

  • Your company technicians were very polite, prompt, and we appreciated their detailed explanations of the work involved and consideration of our work schedule. I am grateful for the consistency of service and Knowledge of all the 1-800 Water Damage Seattle personnel.
    - Hugh P. Jones Jr.
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