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Storm and Flood Damage

The power of the elements has to be seen to be believed. Severe weather, hurricanes, typhoons, and other malevolent acts of nature are perfectly capable of causing major damage to your home or business. Strong winds combined with driving rain, heel, sleet, or ice can rip away portions of your roof, walls, and windows, leaving your property open to assault by the elements. It is imperative to know what to do in the immediate aftermath of such a disaster.

Once the structural integrity of your home has been compromised, it will be on the receiving end of all kinds of problems, not the least of which is water or flood damage. Water packs a major punch, causing problems almost from the start, and then continuing to cause problems until it has been properly removed and remediated. By problems, we are referring to the staining and swelling of drywall, ceilings that may sag under the weight of water and accumulating ice, as well as floors and carpeting that may be seriously damaged or ruined.

At 1-800 Water Damage Seattle, we are there to negate any and all problems that may have resulted from storm damage. We will board up and seal off the damaged area to protect your home from the elements, repair the damage to ensure that no more water is able to come in, and then set about repairing and restoring your property to its pre loss condition. All of our technicians have the training, certification, and experience that are needed to handle even the largest cases of storm damage, for both residential and commercial applications.

Flooding is one of those disasters that knows no location, and is not bound by any season of the year. Floods occur year round, in every state, and almost every location you can think of. Sometimes they occur slowly, over a period of several days, as the result of strong storms or just higher than average rainfall. Flash floods, on the other hand, can form in a matter of hours or even minutes, raging across the countryside wiping out everything in their way, with little or no warning to folks who may be in the direct path of the flood.

Floods, especially flash floods, are a vivid reminder of the power and strength of water. It only takes about six inches of moving water to knock a grown man off his feet, while about two feet of water is enough to float a large car. Now imagine what several feet of water moving at 20 or 30 mph can do to your home. Flood waters can literally rock a structure on its foundation, making it unstable and prone to collapse. The damage left behind, ruined walls, floors, and furniture, coupled with water, mud, and silt, can all be overwhelming to the average homeowner, who no doubt wonders if things will ever be the same again.

1-800 Water Damage Seattle understands the nature of the threat posed by flooding, and we will work diligently to repair the damage to your home by flood waters. We bring heavy duty pumps to bear on the flooded out areas, removing the water, drying the area out, and then repairing and restoring the structure to return it to its pre-loss condition. It may be a time consuming process, but we will handle every aspect, from the first drop of water removed to the last nail driven. Our success is your success, and we want you and your family enjoying your normal lives again as soon as possible.

Storm and flood damage requires immediate attention, unless of course you are fond of additional damage and ever increasing repair bills when mold removal is required. That’s why 1-800 Water Damage Seattle is available and on call 24/7/365, in order to respond to your water damage and flood damage restoration needs as quickly as possible to avoid any of those these unpleasant scenarios. The faster we can get to work removing the floodwaters and drying out your property, it is much less likely that you will have to deal with long term problems like additional damage or mold and mildew. Our team has the training, equipment, and procedures necessary to remove the water dry out the damaged area, and restore your home to its pre loss condition. We provide top flight customer service and all work is backed by a full guarantee. Call today for a free estimate at 1-800-928-3732 and let us get to work for you!

  • Your company technicians were very polite, prompt, and we appreciated their detailed explanations of the work involved and consideration of our work schedule. I am grateful for the consistency of service and Knowledge of all the 1-800 Water Damage Seattle personnel.
    - Hugh P. Jones Jr.
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