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Water Damage

The destructive power of water has to be witnessed first-hand in order to be fully appreciated, and that power is not confined to the usual suspects like flash flooding or major hurricanes. In fact, just a small amount of water, as in minor leaks that go unnoticed, is all it takes to cause serious damage to your home or business. Once these leaks are finally discovered, you may be looking at major problems with pipes, flooring, carpets, furniture, drywall, and even your home’s electrical system. Unfortunately, most folks choose to ignore these problems because of their small size, thinking that perhaps the problem will correct itself. This is a mistake, as water problems will only get worse over time. As the problem grows, so does the cost of repairing it.

1-800 Water Damage Seattle is here to provide the most up to date, state of the art water damage repair and restoration services. From small studio apartments to major industrial complexes, we are prepared to handle any water damage problem you may encounter. Our team of service providers is properly trained, certified, and experienced in handling problems just like this, which means we can get the job done right the first time and have you back enjoying your life with a minimum of interruption. One call gets your home or business the proper care and treatment that it deserves and that you expect.

It doesn’t matter how big the water cleanup problem may be, the basics are the same. You have to repair the problem that caused the water damage, remove the standing water, dry everything out, and make any needed repairs to the structure, furniture, or any other items that may have been damaged as a result. In some cases the fix may be relatively simple, while others may require more intensive measures, such as the use of industrial grade pumps and dehumidifiers that remove all residual moisture from the surrounding air and return humidity levels to normal. Prompt and proper treatment of your water damage problems by a reputable water damage restoration company means that you will avoid long-term problems such as mold and mildew that would require mold removal.


No matter what kind of water damage problem you may be facing, call 1-800 Water Damage Seattle today. The process begins with one of our friendly and knowledgeable technicians appraising your problem and providing you with a free, no obligation estimate, detailing the problem to be solved, the materials and methods that will be used to solve it, and the time frame involved for completion of the project. The faster we get to work the greater the chances of your water damage repair project being a success. The initial damage will be mitigated, and long term problem (such as the aforementioned mold) are cut off before they have the chance to even show up. Best of all, the repair bill will be reasonable and not skyrocket due to unforeseen or newly developed circumstances. Don’t wait…call the professionals at 1-800 Water Damage Seattle today to get started!


If there is one thing you can predict about water damage, it is that it will always be unpredictable. You cannot count on it occurring during “normal business hours”, which is exactly why 1-800 Water Damage Seattle does not keep “normal business hours”. Instead we are here and ready to go 24/7/365. This means that you get an answer from a real person when you call, followed by a real water damage repair technician onsite within the hour. You will never be asked for a call back the next business day. Availability and prompt service means a successful treatment of your water problem. We also work directly with insurance providers and claims adjusters to make sure that your homeowners claim is processed rapidly. You already have enough headaches to deal with, so let 1-800 Water Damage Seattlehandle the insurance matters for you!

1-800 Water Damage Seattle is the premiere authority in your neighborhood for water damage and other related problems. Our technicians are trained and certified in every area of the restoration industry, bringing the latest equipment and techniques into play to ensure the fastest and most thorough cleanup job you can ask for. We will get the water out, repair the original damage, dry out all affected surfaces, and then restore your property to its pre loss condition. As if it never happened to begin with. We also back our work with the industry’s most comprehensive guarantee, which means you and your family can be assured of a first rate job, done right, the first time! Calls us 24/7 at 1-800-928-3732.

  • Your company technicians were very polite, prompt, and we appreciated their detailed explanations of the work involved and consideration of our work schedule. I am grateful for the consistency of service and Knowledge of all the 1-800 Water Damage Seattle personnel.
    - Hugh P. Jones Jr.
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